• The drive and the desperation

    Look no further than the drama Jeffrey Herlings brings to MXGP for some of the most fascinating stories in the sport but was his physical gamble in Belgium last weekend as risky as they come?

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No Ordinary Comeback

Long live the #93. Or perhaps just in Germany? Whether round eight of MotoGP means Marc Marquez is back or still a work-in-progress, Neil Morrison argues that it was...
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MXGP 2021 is finally running and two riders are already marking a better pace. ...
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The ultimate roulette

MXGP begins again on June 13th. The world championship last raced on November 8th 2020. The Grand Prix of Russia is the first flurry of action in a calendar...
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A New Threat?

After two rounds of the 2021 season the landscape was looking bleak and barren for KTM for their fifth term in the class. In the wake of the sixth...
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A Moto3 love story: It’s complicated

Has the parity in Moto3 been a ticking bomb? Do we hungrily absorb the perils of racing so eagerly without the thought of what could actually happen? Neil Morrison...
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A Slip of the Mask

Marc Marquez's MotoGP comeback has both exceeded expectations but the double crash in Le Mans last weekend quelled some of the momentum, especially if an ambitious 2021 title bid...
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Are holeshot devices here to stay?

An advantage, an experiment or a gimmick? Marc Marquez was relatively new to start devices when he returned to MotoGP in Portugal. What did the HRC rider think? David...
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