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You got the look: MotoGP bike design

Each MotoGP season brings forth fresh team launches. The events themselves strive for novelty or originality but the unveiling of the race bikes can often be underwhelming. Perhaps it’s trickier than we think to design a striking shape and livery? We asked some experts…while Neil Morrison provides his take on the whole Suzuki saga

And then there were two

There wasn’t a single position change for the lead of the Spanish Grand Prix but the chase was captivating all the same, and Jorge Lorenzo arguably fills the definition of the latest MotoGP ‘Legend’. New MotoGP reading for the first instalment of the 2022 May edition…

Leading them all to Chase

Chase Sexton is supercross greatness in the making: a sumptuous mix of style, speed and ridiculous potential. We sat down with HRC’s star only a few weeks after he claimed his first 450SX Main Event win to ask where it all came from. Also in this magazine segment Steve Matthes examines the Jason Anderson/Kawasaki effect in 2022…