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The Stark Contrast

The Stark VARG’s arrival is as exciting for riders as it is ominous for the rest of the industry. A full take inside as we also speak to Honda’s Ruben Fernandez, Husqvarna’s Pauls Jonass, Lewis Phillips blogs on his vision for MXGP and Scott have a fetching new Prospect.

Leading them all to Chase

Chase Sexton is supercross greatness in the making: a sumptuous mix of style, speed and ridiculous potential. We sat down with HRC’s star only a few weeks after he claimed his first 450SX Main Event win to ask where it all came from. Also in this magazine segment Steve Matthes examines the Jason Anderson/Kawasaki effect in 2022…

The Outpost

Supercross ventured back to its most northern and western point for the first time in two years but there was no shift from the central crux of the championship as Eli Tomac continues to soar in 2022. Words and thoughts from a first SX experience since 2019. Steve Matthes also writes about ET as Lewis Phillips says one particular rider in MXGP shouldn’t be written off just yet…