MXGP Team Management is easy? Try for yourself

Low-down on a fresh way to enjoy MXGP at the fences or through the screen

It is a popular and long-established interactive game in the football world and now established UK website have increased the profile of their MX Manager ‘fantasy’ game/App by putting 20,000 pounds of prizes into the pot.

Motocross video games on consoles and mobile devices are hardly in short supply but MX Vice have tapped into something a little different by putting the player firmly into a bench-racing hotseat. Would you spend big money on Jeffrey Herlings? Is there a young, upcoming rider that you rate? Spotted any firm point-grabbing potential in the depths of MX2?

The premise is simple: You have 1.2 million euros to spend between a combination of MXGP and MX2 riders or you can select a manufacturer or a race team. Points are accumulated per race. One ‘transfer’ is allowed per round of the nineteen-fixture MXGP series and further bounty is collected for achievements like fastest laps or ‘charger of the weekend’. The MX Vice engine keeps tally of the money spent, points bagged and presents it all in a clear league table. A VIP paid option allows even more changes throughout the season.

“We thought the idea would lend itself to motocross,” says MX Vice creator James Burfield. “Ever questioned a signing by a team and been frustrated? Now you have the option to make some of the decisions yourself. MX Manager arrived in 2012 and thanks to increased tech support it’s much easier for us to not only manage but also start to add features. We added transfers and private and public leagues last year, but the focus this year is in an app that we hope to deliver before round one in Argentina.”

MX Vice’s Twitter feed has become the go-to reference for live updates from key motocross races but the MX Manager game/App is another boost toward drawing and entertaining fans of the sport. “Our goal has always been to have an engaged audience to bench-race with, share ideas and more importantly create a positive voice to drive the sport of motocross forward,” Burfield opines.

For the sake of entering a name and email and spending five minutes creating your own ‘dream team’ then MX Manager is a refreshing (and potentially enriching) take on enveloping an audience even further into MXGP and each and every moto.

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