Renowned American website have launched the first issue of their new bi-annual book META. The 115 page collection of imagery, story and rumination based around off-road racing and riding is now available via the pages of the website that has already achieved distinction for a different take on a sport so easily accessed, photographed and filmed.


“We wanted to expand what we do which is produce unique, creative content that push the boundaries of what’s already being done out there,” reveals Vurbmoto’s Wes Williams. “We started a website when they were not fashionable or were an accompaniment to print. We went against all odds and it took a few years but we found success.”


META is the result of half a year of planning and scheming to offer people a different take on what they might find online. “We kept going and pushing and now – at a time when print is almost ‘dying’ – we thought why not go to print but in a totally different way,” Williams continues. “We are not doing a magazine or a typical motocross publication. What you are going to see is a coffee-table book with amazing imagery and timeless photos and stories. It is completely unique and in the Vurb style.”


OTOR has yet to get their hands on a copy with the book only rolling off the press and ready for delivery this week but preview snippets through photos justify some of the hype so far. “This book is not necessarily about race coverage or anything that you can put a date on. We wanted stories inside so that in five years you could pick it off the shelf and still find some relevance. In that sense we can go across the world and cover amateurs, pros, juniors and other sports if needs be. For example David Bulmer went to Africa for this first issue and shot a story that looks like National Geographic, something really special.”


META is being shipped globally and the first issue will cost 12 dollars (9 euros, 7 pounds) with the first two bundled for 20 dollars. Williams has the final word: “The first issue has just dropped and it will be distributed on Vurbmoto and I’m sure we’ll have some other avenues once we start going. The next issue should be out in November, so bi-annual and we’re really excited.”


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