It seems like each year the anticipation for the start of the Supercross season grows. And this year it felt fever pitch. Was it because the season opener was a week later than normal? A case of short-term memory? Perhaps.

The more likely culprit: It’s human nature to look forward to a surprise. And this year the only easy prediction to the season’s start was to expect the unexpected.

In year’s past the preseason press conference gave some clues – are they fit? Does anyone look nervous? This year 17 riders were present at the presser – all either former champions or race winners. Let’s say it was a bit tough to make any assertions there, except that the 2016 Supercross 450 class is stacked.

At times, when the press conference gamesmanship gave no clues, there was a clear front-runner. This year? Not so much. No one really stood out. So going into the main, unless you had a crystal ball, picking a winner was like drawing a name out of a hat.

Would you have picked Rockstar Energy Husqvarna’s Jason Anderson to upstage Red Bull KTM’s Ryan Dungey, the reigning champ and one of his training partners? Probably not. But I don’t think anyone would have ruled it out either. And that was the beauty of it. Even for Anderson.

“I felt like you could not have picked a shoo-in winner tonight,” Anderson said. “All those guys on the gate are gnarly. The competition is so crazy; it’s insane. But it makes the victories feel that much better when you know that you’re racing guys whom none of them are slouches.”

Anderson had a strong start to the season last year at Anaheim I, but struggled the rest of his rookie season. So he went into 2016 as one of the unknowns. But with a year under his belt, a brand new Husky, and a well-known weapon – trainer Aldon Baker – many could sense he was on the verge of that first win. So now what? Is he on the verge of more?

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