Where for Roczen? AMA Blog on the future of the Phoenix SX winner

There are a ton of riders whose contracts are up at the end of 2016 and I know it’s early but that doesn’t stop people from talking, and rumors are out there people. Let’s get to some of what’s ‘spinning’ in the pits as well as something that I want to complain about…

I’ve spoken with some people close to the situation and it overwhelmingly appears that Kenny Roczen’s going to leave RCH Suzuki at the end of the year and move either to Honda or back to KTM. With Dungey and Tomac sewed up, it’s Roczen that is the big fish for 2017 and beyond and although I thought it would be a surprise to see Roczen back on orange, by all accounts harsh feelings have thawed and KTM would seem to be able to welcome back Kenny. Part of the problem with Kenny and KTM before was the presence of Kenny’s father around the races (RCH can also attest to this) and it seems that Roczen’s broken away from his dad a bit and so would welcome a return to KTM.

Of course we’ve seen HRC step up in recent years and try to end Honda’s 450SX title drought and so the fact we hear they’re in deep talks with Roczen isn’t a surprise. And still in the rumor department, we hear Roczen’s looking for a five year deal so no matter what color he chooses he’ll be very rich and have a solid team for many years.

Whether or not Roczen leaves RCH, we’ve heard that they’ve already inked a deal with two-time 250MX champion Jeremy Martin to make his move to 450’s on yellow. This is an interesting signing for sure and one that could fly under the radar a bit but yet be a very good move for Jeremy and the team.

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